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The Couple

So do all of you know the story? There are varying accounts of the initial meeting but most of you know it like this: the shipper and the designer, an unlikely match, caught eyes over an invoice at Suite Dreams Furniture.  It was supposed to be a short  frivolous affair.   Ian was new to town and starting his life in Vancouver after a breakup in his hometown of London, Ontario.  Reisa was in the middle of ending her worst relationship to date. 
They had a fun summer together, going to concerts, letting loose and not caring about tomorrow.  Their relationship had to be kept secret as they worked together and knew the boss would not approve.  When the boss did find out and fire Reisa from her job, it only made them closer.  But then after two years, Reisa was ready for more, not marraige, but at least someone that she thought could be serious, and Ian, being seven years younger, was not inclined to comply.
Despite their timing being all wrong, Reisa and Ian found that they connected on so many things that a true friendship had formed.  It made it hard to cut the ties all together.  They broke up to allow Ian to mature and find himself :) , Reisa was happy to continue her pursuit of a successful career and date tons of losers.
The love of Reisa’s dog as well as the connection of the furniture store kept them in touch.  They would both find excuses to investigate how the other one was doing. Ian thought he was finally ready for a real relationship but by this time Reisa had moved on and was not interested in going back. This went on for years until a fateful trip to Mexico.  Reisa needed a break and went to Mexico with her roomate Scott.  She was dating some loser at the time but found herself missing Ian.  Upon returning, Ian had been planning a much needed conversation.  He informed Reisa that he was no longer ok with their “friend” status and if Reisa was not going to be with him,he wanted to remove himself until they were both happy with another.  This forced Reisa to recognize that she really wanted to be with Ian and instead of accepting his offer of parting ways, she wanted to be with him.
She quickly lost the loser and started dating Ian again.  This time was different and they both knew it.
Reisa & Ian’s Engagement Story

Normally Reisa  is the planner, the one who will devise a plan to surprise Ian.  But he topped them all with his elaborate plan that everyone was in on.
Ian’s sister was getting married in Cuba in January 2009, and Reisa couldn’t really afford to go at the time so she wanted Ian to go alone.  On Christmas Eve, Ian was really excited and wanted to exchange gifts, and then on Christmas morning, he said he had forgotten to give Reisa one gift – it was a trip to Cuba for the wedding! Reisa  initially thought she could still not go as it was only a week’s notice and she could not do this to her employees.  But he had taken care of everything and Reisa’s employees were all for it.
They went to Cuba with about 34 other guests.  Little did she know at the time but everyone knew Ian was planning to propose after his sister’s wedding.   They were all so excited and afraid that someone would let it slip that they encouraged him to do it on their first night there.
They went for a walk down to the beach; they were both in their swim suits and when he asked her if wanted to sit and watch the sunset, she still had no idea what he was planning. 
Ian asked “You love me, right?”
“Of course, I do” Reisa said.
Ian got down on one knee, pulled the ring box from his shorts pocket, looked her in the eyes and said, “I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you…will you marry me?”  
Reisa was in complete shock, and instead of saying “yes”  squealed in her husky voice… “do you know what you’re doing?! This is a REALLY big deal!!”
He stayed calm and replied “Yes, I have been thinking about it for a long time  and know that this is what I want”  She was barely breathing and crying and not being cool about the situation at all, it was getting embarrassing.
After a few seconds, Ian finally asked if he could put the ring on her finger, and when she said “yes”, he asked “does that mean yes?”  She said, “Yes, yes, yes!” with puffy eyes and mascara on her cheeks.
He stood up and slipped the ring on my finger and kissed her on a non black part of her cheek.  Just a moment later, a Spanish tourist was walking by and when they told him what had just transpired, he said “So happy, So happy!” and offered to take a picture.  They were able to capture the exact moment! How ugly and lucky at the same time.  With no time to get pretty, he snapped the moment. And that is how the marriage of Ian and Reisa and these very unflattering pictures came to be!

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